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Are Colleges Too Obsessed With Smartness?
Alexander Astin, author of the new Stylus title, Are You Smart Enough?, is featured in this new interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Irish Documentary, Produced by The University of Notre Dame, Picked Up by PBS
The landmark documentary 1916: The Irish Rebellion, produced by Notre Dame and narrated by actor Liam Neeson, has been picked up by a record number of TV stations across the US. The film will include the world's leading Irish historians and cover the 1916 Easter Rising.

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Turning Models into Apps
Dr. Mehrzad Tabatabaian blogs at and discusses the concepts in his latest book COMSOL 5 for Engineers in this post.

Save and Grow and the Sustainable Development Goals
FAO's new book, Save and Grow in practice: Maize, Rice, Wheat: A guide to sustainable cereal production, describes a sustainable, ecosystem approach to cereal production. This week, there was an FAO Roundtable on the Save and Grow model in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Here
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Patricia Cranton receives the Order of Canada in 2016
Congratulations to Patricia Cranton who has been awarded the Order of Canada in 2016 For her contributions to the field of adult education, as an authority on transformative learning who encourages critical and autonomous thinking.

Transformational Resilience Bob Doppelt
“My humble suggestion is to read this book and to share it widely. That's just what I'm doing and I'm happy to have my own copy that I can mark up over and over again. It now looks like a tie dye shirt that makes me smile. Transformational Resilience could well be a game changer and a daily dose
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Research and Policy in Education Geoff Whitty
"In this book, Geoff Whitty again demonstrates why he is among the most insightful analysts of education policy and of its assumptions and politics. And once again he shows that it is possible to write about these things in clear and compelling ways. This books is a fine addition to his many other
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